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Arizona Partners in Flight
International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) Events
April-May 1999

April 21 (Wed.) and May 1, 1999 (Sat). STATE FAIR GROUNDS AND TRES RIOS DEVELOPED WETLANDS. Educator’s workshop and interpretive bird walk. The educator’s workshop will focus on specific activities for children to learn about and celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. Workshop to be held in the evening (6-9 pm) at the AZ Game and Fish Dept. Wildlife Building located at the State Fair Grounds. The bird walk will be held on the following Saturday morning (May 1st) at the Tres Rios Developed Wetlands (91st Ave and the Gila River). Contact Sandy Reith to sign up for the educator’s workshop at (602) 789-3243. Contact Bill Grossi for information on the interpretive bird walk at (602) 417-9241.

May 8, 1999 (Sat.). SIERRA VISTA. This IMBD celebration will be centered around the 10th anniversary of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Activities will begin with five or more interpretive field trips on the morning of May 8th at several locations in the Huachuca Mountains. Presentations and other ceremony celebrations will continue throughout the day at the San Pedro House and at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. Inquiries can be made starting April 1st; contact Dave Krueper at (520) 459-3559.

May 8, 1999 (Sat.). WINKELMAN. San Pedro River Preserve Interpretive Bird Walk. Created as a refuge for the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, The Nature Conservancy's San Pedro River Preserve in Winkelman offers challenging bird watching for beginners and experts alike. We will begin our day at 7 AM sharp spending most of our time along the cottonwood lined San Pedro River. If we're lucky we may spot a Gray Hawk or Streak-backed Oriole. A pair of binoculars, hat, sun screen, and a sense of adventure are all that's needed! To reserve a space and receive directions to the Preserve, contact either Henry Messing at (602) 216-3856 or Steve Huckett at (520)357-6076.

May 8, 1999 (Sat.). WICKENBURG. Hassayampa River Preserve Interpretive Bird Walk. This Nature Conservancy property is 333 acres of cottonwood-willow riparian woodlands and is one of the best places in the state to catch the migration sensation! Over 230 species of birds have been recorded at the preserve and May is a great month to observe migrants passing through. Colorful birds such as Western Tanagers, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Vermilion Flycatchers will likely be there for all to see. This walk will be limited so sign up today!! Contact Lorraine Thompson at (602) 546-2103 (dial * 82 first if you have blocked call service).

May 8 and 9, 1999 (Sat. and Sun.). PAPAGO PARK/PHOENIX ZOO. This two day event will center around the bird exhibits inside the Zoo. Come out and learn about birds and migration as you and your friends migrate from the Arizona trail to the Tropics trail. How much do birds eat before migration? What dangers do birds face along their journey? How far do they fly and where do they go? Bring a flock of friends and find out the answers! Contact Anita Cramm at the Phoenix Zoo for more information at (602) 273-1341 ext 7611.

May 22, 1999 (Sat.). FLAGSTAFF. Kachina Wetlands Interpretive Bird Walk. Located 7 miles south of Flagstaff east of I17 in the Kachina Village housing district. The wetlands were constructed in 1993 to encourage and support wildlife in the area, and to promote nesting of migratory waterfowl. This is a wonderful area to see many different bird species. Species we will be on the lookout for during our IMBD celebration are: Snowy Egret, Eared Grebe, Western Tanager, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Green-winged Teal, and Cooper's Hawk. So migrate North to Flagstaff and celebrate International Migratory Bird Day with Brenda Strohmeyer. Call Brenda at (520) 556-2160 for more information.