Common Poorwill Captive Photographs and Sound Recording

Photos by Greg Clark, November 11, 2002 at Arizona Go Wild rehabilitation clinic

I had come to Arizona Go Wild's rehabilitation clinic expecting to make a sound recording of a poorwill I had earlier rescued. The rescued bird had hissed at me, but was now "clucking" at the sound of my voice. (How odd.) This I recorded and can be seen / heard on another page. Another bird was reported to hiss like crazy, this is the very angry-looking Common Poorwill on this page. If you touch his beak he opens wide and trys to scare you off with a very nice hiss, probably because he is a male (not really certain that he is a male). Because he has such wonderful plumage and such a menacing posture (especially for a normally meek bird like a poorwill) I have included a bunch of other detail photographs to show what wonderful camoflage they wear.

play / download the hiss (male_hiss.mp3)

Note the really big wingspan for such a small bird.




Copyright Greg Clark, 2002

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