Science fiction on a bird web site?

One of our best friends worked and worked to get into a position to be able to write science fiction full time. The results are very impressive and, because of our friendship, we would like to help sell more books. If you are a science fiction fan then little encouragement on our part may be needed to get you to buy something. For the rest (you know who you are) please buy to help us out with our bird research projects. Each year we donate many, many bird books and CD's of our bird recordings to educational groups, government organizations, other bird researchers, and indian tribes in Arizona. All profits from book sales help us offset the high cost of providing free materials to groups that need educational materials but cannot afford them. Perhaps you could buy a book as a gift and help us out that way. Later in 1999 and 2000 it will be possible to order the bird books and CD's that we have been giving away for free, thus making it possible for us to give away more materials. But for now, it would really help us out if you could buy something written by Roby James.

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