Yuma Antelope Squirrel Photographs, Phoenix, Arizona April 15, 2007

Yuma Antelope Squirrels and Roundtail Ground Squirrels have a very similar range in the low, hot desert areas of Arizona. These squirrels are the typical small squirrels seen in the Phoenix area. The Roundtail Ground Squirrel (not shown) is very plain and easy to distinguish from the Yuma Antelope Squirrel for this reason. Rock Squirrels are much bigger than either of the small squirrels.

Photos by Greg Clark

Adult Yuma Antelope Squirrel with Juvenile in Background

Juvenile Yuma Antelope Squirrel

Juvenile nibbling on something.














Adult Yuma Antelope Squirrel standing up

This squirrel makes a high frequency insect-like trill. Use the following link to download or listen to a short mp3 file. This sound has been filtered by a 2khz hi-pass filter to remove lower frequency airplane background noise. The animal sound is 1 khz higher than the filter.

sound of squirrel, 07/01/2007, Roosevelt Lake, AZ

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